miércoles, 26 de enero de 2011

How to make your own clothes!

Knowing how to sew and make garments is not only useful, it can be very fun. It’s all about developing clothes that you like, and are not able to find elsewhere or it’s too expensive for your pocket.

First thing to do is to decide what kind of piece you want to put together, depending on that you’ll know how much fabric and what kind you need to buy.

If you are thinking about a dress you’ll need 3mt to be sure you will not be running short of fabric in the middle of the making.

Now you need to create a pattern. Not everyone has the skills to crate them but you’ll probably find very interesting patterns on the web, that you’ll be able to adjust to your likings and measures. Place the pattern on the fabric, pin it down carefully, and try to seize the fabric you bought. It may come handy later.

With the pattern you can proceed to cut the fabric, always leaving about 2 inches from the pattern so that you can make the stitches later.

Now is time to sew it up. You have to figure out which peaces have to be sawn first, so you can make the whole garment.

 It’s time to put on our new, just to your taste and very cheap piece of clothes. Good luck on your way out tonight, you’ll feel great and proud.

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