jueves, 27 de enero de 2011

Merry Happy

This is the story about the happiest woman in the world. She looks at the bright side of every misfortune, even if there is none.

If her purse is stolen she says it was probably time to get a new one. Merry teaches little children math and shows them how to write and read, patient as always. Her friends always tell her that it’s absurd to be so optimistic and unbearably happy.

Merry notices that there is a new neighbor in her apartment building. He lives just across the hall. She, welcoming as always, is anxious to get to introduce herself and give him some presents. To her surprise the new neighbor is a very bitter, grumpy middle aged man who refuses to deal with her overwhelming happiness.

Merry, desperate to make a happier world tries to be nice to the neighbor with little details and surprises, despite his rude manners and abusive behaviors. Every day they have confrontations about the trash, the parking spaces, and every issue that they have in common.
She decides to start walking to work because of her continuous fighting about the park space, always blocked by the neighbor. An unfortunate event leads her to doubt about her extreme happy way of viewing life.

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