jueves, 6 de enero de 2011

Christmas Holidays in Caracas

Around November Caracas begins to be decorated for the holidays. The streets and squares a filled with colorful lightsand ornaments related to Christmas. Venezuela is mostly a Christian country, so this particular celebration becomes important in our lives and the Venezuelan people make efforts to sustain their traditions.

Traditional music and food are fundamental to the Christmas enviroment. We have inherited from our indigenous background the ritual of preparing hallacas in family. Similar to tamales, hallacas are filled with meat, pork, and chicken stew, placed in corn dough and enveloped in plantain leaves. Christmas without hallacas, isn’t Christmas in Caracas.

Gaitas are the music that traditionally go along with our Christmas. Several voices construct harmonies joined by drums and furrucos (a folkoric instrument). They’ve been around for many years and everyone knows their lyrics, it’s fun to dance to them too. 

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